The Atterson Street House has been abandoned for at least 25 years, and someone finally stopped paying the taxes on the property. The city wants to get rid of the house quickly and make up the back taxes, but before that happens, the house might need some work to make it safe to sell.

Enter the Atterson Street House and perform a loose inspection to determine if the house is salvageable or if the house should be demolished and sold as land. The house has been a fixture in the area for a while, featuring in many urban legends and ghost stories, but that's not really your thing. You once had a friend who was really into all that, but it seems like a distant memory these days.


Veiled is an interactive fiction piece about exploring a (probably) haunted house. There are many things to inspect, and you might want to label the rooms as you go. Pay close attention to your environment, and you might want to take some notes! But watch out! You never know what might be lurking around the corner.

Playing Veiled consists of reading passages and clicking links. You will collect items along the way, use items with the environment, and make choices. Veiled has two main play areas: the passage and the sidebar. In the passage, you'll read descriptions of places in the house and objects of note. In the sidebar, you'll find your briefcase containing your collected items. Clicking on an item in your inventory will bring it out, showing a description and occasional actions you can perform. You can also label areas by clicking the "Somewhere" link just under the title card in the sidebar.

Veiled works best in Chrome on a desktop computer, but should work well enough on mobile and in any modern browser. If you typically browse with JavaScript disabled, then you'll need to enable it to enjoy this game. Veiled was made in Twine 2.3.9, using the SugarCube story format version 2.31.1. Additionally, this project used a (somewhat modified) version of Casement, A popup-focused extension for SugarCube that I wrote. Veiled was created for A Game By Its Cover 2020. It was inspired by the famicase "Veiled" by Dan Ingman.


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I almost backed out before starting because, when the first screen appeared, I wasn't aware that I needed to/could scroll. See attached.

Are your scrollbars not showing up at all? I am doing something funky with the scrollbars in this, but if it's not supported you should just see regular scrollbars. What browser are you using?

On OS X, the default behavior hides scrollbars in several different circumstances. I can't stand it and I normally have them shown all the time.

The issue for me was that I wasn't expecting to scroll in a game. Nothing against scrolling in games, but it's not the paradigm I'm used to.

Maybe move the buttons "above the fold"? It kind of messes up your current layout, but I wouldn't want other people to miss playing your game because – like me almost – they didn't see the start button. Anyway, just a suggestion. Cheers.

Ah, I see! Thanks for clarifying. I don't have hardly any experience with OS X. I'll try to think of something that might help out with that :)


Just decided to push an update that puts the Start and About links in the sidebar before the game starts. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I'll probably do this on future projects as well to avoid confusion :D


No problem! I'm glad I could help!

I completed it! Nice game!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D