Gale is an old robot. One of the oldest, in fact. As a robot, the only thing Gale has over everyone else is a long battery life.  In the middle of a rest cycle, Gale receives new instructions from the impossible. Could it be that humans have given new orders?


Sunset Directive is a work of interactive fiction created for Ludum Dare 46 (Keep it Alive). I chose to do interactive fiction this time around because I have been working on Casement, an interactive engine for Twine. Sunset Directive uses Casement for inventory interactions, examination windows, and conversations. A good amount of changes happened during the jam, since this was the first time I put it to use! Several issues need to be worked out.

Since Sunset Directive is choice-based interactive fiction, all you should need is your mouse or a mobile device. It should work fine on mobile (I put in extra queries for some of the windows at portrait).

A note on mechanics. Casement has a system whereby you can use items that you're currently looking at (context-sensitive). Sometimes you might be asked for an inventory item, and you'll need to select it in your inventory. It doesn't come up too often, though, so I hope it isn't too confusing!


JSON for conversations was generated using the JSON Online Editor. It was immensely helpful for getting people talking.

Audio samples were provided by DSK Music. Audio was compiled using LMMS.

The font used in Sunset Directive is Quantico.

#LDJAM #ludum-dare-46


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